Sunday, February 19, 2017

Fast delivery time from PosLaju temerloh to Kuching Sarawak

Very fast delivery time from Pos Laju Temerloh Pahang to Kuching Sarawak. The item is shipped on the 16 February 2017 and arrived on the 17 February 2017 which is one business day only. That's very good courier service from PosLaju. The item is purchased from

Date / Time Process Event
17 Feb 2017, 11:13:16 AM Item delivere Pos Laju Kuching
17 Feb 2017, 09:37:34 AM Item out for delivery Pos Laju Kuching
17 Feb 2017, 08:36:39 AM Arrive at delivery facility at Pos Laju Kuching
17 Feb 2017, 07:13:16 AM Consignment dispatch out from Transit Office Pos Laju Kuching
16 Feb 2017, 07:40:07 PM Item posted over the counter Pos Laju Temerloh
16 Feb 2017, 07:35:45 PM Item dispatched out Pos Laju Temerloh

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