Saturday, December 3, 2016

PosLaju Jitra Kedah

Address: Address: No. 8A & 8B, Jalan Changlun, Kedah, 06000 Jitra, Malaysia
Phone: +60 1-300-30-0300
Waktu Operasi / Opening Hours:

Monday – Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: 8.30 am – 6.00 pm
First Saturday & Friday: Closed

Window Collection Hour:

Monday – Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: 8.30 am – 6.00 pm
First Saturday & Friday: Closed

Telephone: N/A
Fax: N/A
Email: N/A
Online tracking: Yes
Available Services: EMS, Courier, Domestic Delivery, International delivery, registered parcel, registered documents


  1. To Poslaju Customer Service Head Quarters,Malaysia
    My Parcel EH 31 171 952 OMY posted at Jitra Poslaju on the 12Aug2016 to Evelyn Wooi at Shah Alam was recorded by Poslaju employee with slip filled up but not posted out to the Receiver. It has no stastus on the Tracking Website. I called up Pos laju Jitra and was ask by the Manager (Fairus) to go the office at Jitra. I went there and was made to understand that it did not leave the office Jitra. He tried to settle the issue but unable to and ask me to make an official report.
    I made an official report on the 9th Oct 2016 at Jitra Pos Laju and till today 17Jan2017, there was no news on the case. If followed with the Area Manager Fairus and was asked to call 1-300-3000-300. I told him I lost the consignment at Jitra and it is rightful that he follow up for me.
    Im going to writr a SCAR per ISO Quality System on misappriatemen of Customer's Parcel and also another SCAR for not replying to the 1st Customer Complain.A ery very Unsatisfied Customer with Pos Laju Non Compliance of Ethical Value per Service Businesses. Please reply & compensate accordingly.My email

  2. Bad service!!!The office number I call for twenty times , but nobody pick up the phone...

  3. Poor service, handling ordinary parcels even beyond time.
    And no one answered the phone!

  4. nak tanya hari ni pos laju jitra tutup ke x.. call banyak kali x angkat..

  5. Perkhidmatan yg teruk. Buat bendang sajalah kalau dah malaih hantaq barang. Gaji nak ribu2, kerja lambat mcm siput _a_i.

    1. Tak lah banyak sangat gaji jadi posmen jangan tersalah sangka - kerja posmen adalah antara kerja paling stressful